Description of acquiring the domain.
Courses  from 1999 to 2015

Once a year, if the domain is not renewed, it will be deleted.
This domain is called a drop domain.

At that time, the companies that provided drop domain service with one click were,,

We waited 1 year to enroll this drop domain.

A day that this domains is erased(drop domain), We leased PC of 30 to heighten registration probability.

And internet common carrier leased line leased.

And the PC 1 day to operate albite human strength 30 people employ
Or I created a domain one-click registration program and registered it
And finally refuse worldwide competition at last and made by we possession.

From 2016 to now 2022

I got this domain at a high price through a domain auction 
it was a difficult process
Late Dawn Auction Time
sometimes auction was extended for over an hour. 

domain auction site is,,

We invested much times and effort, expense to enroll this domain.
This is only one,in the world.
We are going to do our best with buyer and seller so that good result

Founder  Yoon-Goo Cho

I think we can transact safely if we get services through Escrow. . 

Escrow service consists in  Here is place that can believe most. 

For your information, please note that the transaction 
procedure through  is as follows; 

Please  join 
Right "Register"
And let me know your sedo Username.
(Kindly note, usernames are case sensitive)
and I will SEDO contacts. 

1. buyer register in 

2. buyer transmit money to 
(USD$5000 and less  by credit card, paypal, wire transfer 
USD$5000 or more  Wire transfer only.)

3. After I receive confirmation on your payment from escrow
I transfer my ownership of to you. 
(i will give you a registrar transfer "Auth Code"
And Apply to buyer favorite registrar for transfer)

4. After you confirm the transfer of ownership into you and inform of the fact, send me money. 

P.S youtube page.
Below is Escrow transaction seller sample 
Transaction process of External Transfer Service. escrow External Transfer Service fee is 3% 68,000 USD       60,000 USD       40,550 USD 37,000 USD       32,000 USD     25,000 USD  25,000 USD 20,000 USD     20,000 USD     20,000 USD     20,000 USD     18,000 USD     18,000 USD  17,000 USD 16,000 USD 13,000 USD 12,000 USD     10,000 USD    10,000 USD   10,000 USD     10,000 USD       9,000 USD    7,000 EUR
Only a handful of domain samples were written
Only a handful of domain name samples were written 
We have 30,000 domains. 
We got 100~200 domain offers a days. 
We are selling many domains a year
We sell or not sell domain name does not matter. 
This is only one,in the world
Good domain name won't wait for you!

Domain Name for sale!
This domain is parked at Inc.​
 Welcome your visit.
   We have been selling premium domains for the past 20 years.
   If you would like to purchase our domain name,
   please refer to the information below and make offer to this email

  ( In the subject, write the domain name and your country want to buy )

 I use's escrow service for domain transactions.
join and Register
After open Escrow service, if make you do receipt of money escrow , I will begin domain transfer.